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Hot Dog!
Model 2002 Hot Dog Cart

Hot Dogs - One of My Favorite Foods


450 Hot Dogs are eaten every second of every day in the United States or an average of 65 per year/per person.

Hot Dogs are served in 95% of homes in the USA.

Most Hot Dogs are eaten at home, 15% are purchased from street vendors, 9% are purchased at ball parks.

Mustard remains the most popular Hot Dog topping.  87% of Hot Dog eaters use Mustard.

Most people still prefer the good old 6" Hot Dog, it is preferred by 46.3% of Hot Dog eaters.

26% prefer the 7" Hot Dog and only 4% prefer the foot long version.

Chicago's Ohare International Airport sells more Hot Dogs than any other location in the USA, over 2 Million a year.

The average Hot Dog cart operator earns over $100,000.00 per Year.

4% of Carts operate at Winter Resorts.

38% of all Hot Dog Carts operate indoors.

A Hot Dog with Bun and toppings costs an average of 30 Cents.

An average vendor resells a Hot Dog for $1.75.

Sell 100 Hot Dogs a Day you will earn $47,775/Year.

Sell 250 Hot Dogs a Day you will earn $119,438/Year.

These figures are based on working 5 days/week, 8 hours/day.

Here Are The Locations Of The Best And Also My Favorite Hot Dog Places

Click any of the photos for a larger image.

George's Coney Island Hot Dogs
158 Southbridge St
Worcester, MA


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100 Years in business.


60 foot Coney Island Sign with 10 Foot Tall Hot Dog.


Original Wood Booths
with Graffiti.


Over 200 Hot Dogs
On The Grill.


Great Chili on
the Hot Dogs.

If your looking for the best place to get hot dogs in central Massachusetts, you can get them at George's Coney Island hot dogs on Southbridge Street, in the down town area in Worcester, MA.

Coney Island Hot Dogs have been around since the 1918. The best thing about this establishment, other than the hot dogs, is the decor and atmosphere. The customers sit in the original booths that were put in place when it was built. It is truly a blast from the past. Just think that you may be sitting in the same booth as you mom or dad did. Or even you grandparents or great-grandparents. WOW! How may places can say that? Not many. Most have been torn down or are in a musem some place. Following is a review by Stephen Rushmore Jr. who describes it better than I can.

"Just a two-minute detour from Route 290 at exit 13 in Worcester, MA led me to an absolute treat of an old-fashioned hot dog eatery. For over 80 years George's Coney Island Hot Dogs have truly been a local favorite. Everything about the restaurant oozes Roadfood - the large neon sign outside with a 10-foot hotdog, the long counter with over 100 hot dogs grilling, the enormous tub of mustard waiting to be tossed onto the dogs, the well-worn eating booths with completely illegible graffiti, and a menu with prices that make you think you have stepped back in time."

"The menu at Coney Island is straightforward - the classic order is a hot dog with mustard, chili and onions. They also have hamburgers and some basic sandwiches, but considering the overwhelming number of hot dogs on the grill, it is obvious that the dog is the prized food option. Coney Island also offers a complete choice of both soda and beer."

"The dogs are relatively thin with a proportionate amount of mustard, chili sauce and onions. The chili, which is the key ingredient, is a thin and mild homemade variety that functions as a gluing agent for the other ingredients. The result is a tasty and moist dog that goes down in just a few bites. Plan on ordering two or three to fill your appetite."

If you would like more information and history about George's Coney Island Hot Dogs you can go to their web site at Coney Island Lunch.

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Hot Dog Annie's
Route 56
Leicester, MA


Original Hot Dog Annie's front.


Original Hot Dog Annie's Side.


New Hot Dog Annie's front.


New Hot Dog Annie's Side.

In 2011 Hot Dog Annie's had a makeover. The new owners upgraded to more modern insulated doors and windows. They also put an air lock at the exit area to keep the cold air from entering the building during the winter. The color of the building has been changed from the familiar light blue to red. Even though these changes were made, the food inside is exactly the same.

Hot Dog Annie's is known for their famous secret barbecue sauce. They not only put some on top of your hot dog, but they cook their hot dogs in the BBQ sauce. Don't bother asking for the recipe for the BBQ sauce or to take some home, that just isn't going to happen. But, if you know where to look, you may be lucky enough to find the recipe. Hint: it's not on this web site. They have a great deal on Wednesday's of 4 dogs for $4.25. Chips and drinks are extra.

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Bob's Hot Dog Truck
At The Reservoir, Route 12
West Boylston, MA


Bob's Hot Dog Truck


Bob's Is Open For Business.

Bob's Hot Dog truck is noted for his great location at Wachusett reservoir and his wife's home made Chili for the hot dogs. There is a terrific water view when you eat, especially on a warm summer day. You have a choice of eating your hot dogs in your car, at the picnic tables provided by the town or go over by the water and eat on the grass.

It's sad to say that Bob has passed away, but the hot dog truck is still there and is in operation. It's strange now that when you get your order not to hear Bob give you his famous salutation of "Have a Salubrious Day."

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