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It's always a pleasure to have you visit our web site. We're glad you found us and are happy to have you join us. Open your blanket and beach chairs, put on the sunscreen, grab a cool drink and let's have a great day at the beach.

Light House Some people are curious as to how web sites came up with their names, so I'm here to tell you how I came up with mine. It was quite easy. We love sandy beaches, the golden warm glow of the sun, the ocean and all its wonderful sea food, and the slapping of the waves on the shore. Put that all together and we came up with beachgold.com. We were the Original BEACHGOLD.COM web site on the Internet.

After being on the Internet for awhile the site name just didn't seem right. Then I figured out that it was the .com. It has nothing to do with the beach or the ocean. It was then I decided to rename it with .net. Fishermen use nets, volleyball players use a net, basketball players on the beach have nets on their hoops. It's all part of the ocean and sandy beach scene.

One of my favorite hobbies is Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting.  This gives me the opportunity to see what treasures lie just beneath the soil, the sandy beach and in the surf. There is always something to be found, even it is a pull tab or a piece of junk. Then again, some of these items could include old coins, lost rings, jewelry, wrist watches, toys, silverware and even items that can't be identified.

It's easy detecting on a warm sandy beach where the digging is quite easy and where the treasure can be quite rewarding. There the finds aren't too deep and a sand scoop is all you need for recovery. Some pieces of metal found detecting at beaches are just to mangled to figure out what they are, or at least, what they were. Others may have come from fires aboard ships at sea and may be melted beyond recognition.

One of my favorite things to find are toy cars. Kids love to play with them in the sand because they fit in their small hands so easy, but beacuse they are small they get buried or just forgotten, especially the matchbox cars. I can count on finding at least one every time I go to the beach. To find out more about metal detecting click on the Detecting Page.

Food at the beach always has to include fabulous sea food like Steamers, Lobster, Lobster Rolls, Fried Clams, Shrimp, Crab, Haddock, Flounder, Cod, Tuna, on and on it goes. There is such great tasting bounty from the ocean. There is also another food that is a favorite of mine. You can find it at cook outs, on picnics, at the beach, at the ball park and any place else you want it...Hot Dogs. Yup! One of my favorite foods is Hot Dogs. So much so that you can check out my Hot Dog page for some interesting facts.

Are you into Baseball and Football? How many World Series Rings have you seen? How about Super Bowl Rings? None? Not many? Well now you're in luck. I've gathered as many photos of World Series Rings as I can find and have put them together on one page. Super Bowl Rings are also available to view as well as box scores and game recaps. Keep in mind that I don't have rings to sell, I only have photos of them. To get started just go to my World Series Rings page and I hope you enjoy what you see. Tell your friends and come back often.

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